Technologies | KRC Logistics

KRC Logistics deploys several types of technologies to enhance our service offerings to our customers.


KRC supports all transportation sets from appointment and delivery confirmations to freight payment: 204,214,990,997,210

Real-time web tracing

Our customers will be assigned a username and password which allows 24/7 access to order status and history.

Route optimization technology

KRC utilizes state of the art optimization software to aid in creating the most efficient routes possible. The software considers travel times; unload times specific to the consignees and freight type and order sizes to achieve this goal.

Real-time track and trace

GPS tracking is utilized to provide up to the minute status updates on our drivers, equipment and shipments. Considering load and unload times, travel times, traffic congestion the software provides accurate ETA’s for all shipments and allows instant communication with our customers if there are potential delays with a shipment. Shipment gate times and signatures are transmitted real-time back to our servers which automatically update EDI transactions and web tracing.

Compliance Software

Analytical devices are attached to each KRC power unit which provides a host of beneficial information.

  • Real-time location
  • Out of route warnings
  • Driver habits, including speeding and hard braking
  • Real-time Hours of Service status

The comprehensive technology utilized by KRC provides safe, secure, on time shipments with unparalleled communication with our valued customer base.